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Successfully Chaotic

A podcast about juggling entrepreneurship & real life. 


About Me.

 The Power of Being Yourself - Hi, I'm Maria! 

We all have passions, skills, likes, and dislikes that make us who we are. For many of us, it can be difficult to accept being different and unique. However, it is so important to be your authentic self and embrace the parts of yourself that make you stand out from the crowd. 

Growing up, I was constantly told to try to fit in and not stand out too much from the crowd. I felt like I had to wear a mask to appear perfect. It was only when I took off this mask that I started to realize that being different wasn't so bad after all. 

I'm a wife, a mother of seven children (including one on the autism spectrum), an entrepreneur, a marketing enthusiast, a part-time hippie witch doctor, an introverted extrovert, hyperactive squirrel lady who wears resourcefulness as my badge of honor – just like many of you! 

My past story has seen its fair share of bad and unfortunate parts but also some amazing perfect parts as well. It wasn't until recently that I decided to embrace all those aspects of myself that made me unique and stop comparing myself to others. Taking this step towards self-acceptance has been incredibly liberating for me; more people should take this path! 

Every day we are presented with opportunities to open ourselves up and accept our true selves without fear or judgment. Whether it's accepting your own uniqueness or celebrating others' differences - these moments are integral in creating a better world for everyone around us. 


There is no doubt that embracing your authentic self takes time and patience but it is worth it in the long run because at the end of the day nobody can shine brighter than you if you just let yourself be YOU! So don't be afraid to show off all those qualities that make you special - there is nothing more powerful than being yourself! 

So here's me waving hello! Hi there! Let's have fun together while we learn how to love ourselves, even more, each day :) 


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New Episode Every Week

Maria and her guests give tips on various topics and laugh at mistakes they’ve made, inviting you to do the same and learn from it!

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