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Stop Following Someone Else’s Definition of Success

Looking back, I feel that for the majority of my life I tried to follow the expectations and follow the path that I thought I was supposed to take.

The back-and-forth was not only exhausting but it is also pointless.

It wasn’t even my fault that some of the businesses I tried and some of the investments I got into blew up in my face.

And, it wasn’t even my fault that some people treated me terribly and I felt so pressured to get out of some personal situations that I ignored the voices in my head.

But, it WAS my fault that I ever allowed it.

It was my fault that I allowed myself to feel the way that I did.

It was my fault that I gave people the power over me that made me feel that I had to walk on eggshells.

And, it was my fault that I didn’t find my voice until almost 40 years of age to allow me to set my boundaries, make no apologies for my purpose, and to speak real-raw-authentic without fear of judgement.

I talk to so many people who are like I was. They are on someone else’s path…letting them define what they do and what they should do and what they should dream.

Or, maybe they are where I was for the longest, and they teeter back and forth between someone else’s path and what they THINK they want because they aren’t super clear about what exactly they want..because no one has ever given them the chance to find out.

And, maybe they are to the point of pushing away the expectations and barreling forward on their own path, but it has been hard to find clarity so they are bouncing everywhere wasting time and resources along the way. I know this was as well.

No matter where you are in your journey, know this…no one’s journey is the same, and no one’s journey is perfect. Some journeys are a bit more chaotic than others (hello my life), and that is okay. The key is starting to recognize that you are DONE with living someone else\’s definition of success. You are DONE with living someone else’s happy. And you are ready to try to find your path.

Don’t be scared to get lost and have to take a detour.

Don’t be afraid to fall on your face.

These are part of the journey. And, damn they make for a great story one day.

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